About Sherri

Sherri Hughes Life Coach

Sherri uses all of her hard earned wisdom, her life experiences and vast training to enjoy personal success for herself, but also to joyfully teach the necessary tools to others so they can too!

Sherri’s background includes being a marketing consultant for Self-Employed and Small Businesses and a professional sales person for thirty years in a variety of environments including retail, real estate, insurance, pharmaceuticals. She has won several sales and leadership awards, including the Best of 200 professional sales presentations and received the Leadership Award which recognizes the person who demonstrates superior leadership, selling skills and an unselfish devotion to duty nominated by her peers.

She is a published author of several magazine articles and a contributor to the book From Inspiration to Realization and has taught Small Business Management at the local Community College. She is the owner of several small businesses including a successful personal coaching practice, Therapist and Relationship Coach on the StayHappilyMarried.com website, as well as the facilitator of two women’s groups: Feminine Business Success and Women’s Inquiry. Sherri also owns a travel business, ProTravelAdventures.com as travel is one of her true passions.

As a trainer, workshop facilitator and speaker, Sherri uses her skills as a guided visualization teacher to motivate audiences and to achieve new realizations on spiritual, personal and professional levels. As a Life and Wellness Coach, Sherri works with clients on an individual and group basis utilizing a unique combination of Coaching techniques, Hypnotherapy, Energy work and Aromatheramy along with her real-world suggestions. Her passion revolves around  helping others create a life of Love and Joy for themselves!

Sherri teaches individuals how to use their strengths to attract and create a quality life for themselves and to become aware of their short comings which sabotage success. She also shows others how to use many Spiritual tools and techniques to make full use of the power of God and themselves. 

Sherri says:

Stop doing It Alone! You no longer need to walk alone on the most important Journey
you’ll ever take..  
The most important Journey of your life is the one that goes within and
that can be scary if you do it alone.

As your personal Life Coach, I will walk along with you, show you how to find your own true
answers and gently guide you on your life’s journey as we map together the life of your dreams
and desires.~~Sherri

If you find any of the following statements to be true, you’re in the right place to make big changes:

  • You find it difficult to make effective decisions about your life and which direction to take.
  • Your thoughts are mostly negative and others have said that you are your worst enemy.
  • You feel there is an easier, softer way to go through life but you’re not sure how to have it.
  • Your relationships are unsatisfying, hurtful or no longer working in your life.
  • You have found yourself settling; you want more from life but don’t know how to get it.

If these statements ring true (or ping, sting or stick somehow) with you, you are on the right path to finding real solutions and real answers to help you create a life of happiness.

Take the complimentary Life Balance Quiz and make the first step toward knowing that
Your Power Begins Within:
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I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together.  Please call or email me today and let me know how I can assist you in creating the Life of your Dreams!

With Love and Blessings,




Phone:  919.272.1454
Email:  sherri@sherrihughes.com