Benefits of Hypno-Reiki

Benefits of Hypno-Reiki™

Benefit of Hypno ReikiReiki cleanses the blocked chakras and allows universal life force energy to flow through the person’s body which produces greater comfort and relaxation that helps hypnosis healing to work more smoothly. When a Reiki session is administered to a person already in hypnotic state, it aligns the body’s energy system with the thoughts of health and well being.

Hypno-Reiki™ not only helps to relieve stress, pain and agitation but also helps the person to have a sound sleep. It enhances physical healing and promotes the sense of mental clarity and calmness. Hypno-Reiki™ helps the person to let go of old emotions such as anger, anxiety, etc and allows the person to perceive a positive approach towards life.

Hypno-Reiki™ is particularly effective for pain and pain management. Because Hypno-Reiki™ encourages the mind and body to work together as effectively as possible it offers a deep state of relaxation and receives suggestions for pain relief.

I use Hypno-Reiki™ in my practice to assists patients to heal easily and quickly as their mind and body agree upon. I have had many successful clients use this technique with much satisfaction. I also am a teacher of Hypno-Reiki™ and offer regular classes to those that find an interest in expanding their healing techniques.

The Bad News First…

Today your life is bombarded with negative material and media with depressing information about the economy on the evening news, newspaper headlines, radio stories, to angry co-workers and heavy unemployment. It is difficult to go through a day without being faced with world, national or personal disasters.

No matter who we are, where we go or our intentions, it is difficult to avoid all of the negative news and media.

Negative Energy…

Your mind is very similar to a computer hard drive. What you hear, see and place into it is much like the info you get back. This makes it challenging to maintain a sense of internal happiness and balance and what often comes out are irritability, tiredness and stress.

Your mind is completely undiscerning when it comes to information you give it. That is, it takes all the information, whether positive OR negative, and uses it as a resource from which to make decisions.

That means that if your programming for your internal drive, or your mind, is focused on so much negative input from the outside world, that information becomes a very literal program. Over time, these negative messages become your own negative thoughts and often we do not even realize it.

You go throughout the day with other people’s negative thoughts and outside events influencing your own thinking. These negative thoughts soon become our reality and our life is seemingly filled with negative thoughts, energy and behaviors.

Hypno-Reiki™ is designed to assist you overcoming these negative thoughts and empower you to know that Your Power Begins Within.  By alleviating negative thoughts and beliefs you find your true, strong self just waiting inside to SHINE!

Allow Sherri to use her skills and experience to assist you in overcoming old thoughts and patterns a create a Life of Your Dreams.

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