10 Signs of Progress on Your Spiritual Path

10 Signs of Progress on Your Spiritual Path by Elizabeth Lesser Walking the spiritual path can be a tricky adventure. Sometimes we make progress and become more free and loving and wise; sometimes we may think our meditation or prayer or ritual is leading toward enlightenment, but really we’re just treading water or even going […]

Reiki ~Never Be The Same

Never to be the Same…How Reiki Changed My Life by Sherri Hughes, Reiki Master My life will never be the same for the gift of Reiki shared with me. In April of 2003, as a Marketing Consultant for a local health care center I hosted their open house and was in much expectation of the […]


LIGHT by Eric Ashford Light is your understanding. Light is the knowing, and not the knowledge. Light is being compassionate with yourself. Light is not clinging to anything. Light is wanting nothing. Light is knowing you have everything worth having. Light is seeing what is, in what appears. Light is the understanding of children. Light […]