Coaching Policies and Procedures

I look forward to having you as a client and thank you in advance for trusting me and sharing your thoughts and life with me.  I honor the time we spend together and know that I hope you find our work together as valuable as I do.

Below our some guidelines to allow our coaching relationship to develop and grow to it’s fullest potential.  Please ask if you need clarification on any of the points below.

CoachingCommitments:  You are hiring me as your coach because you want to make significant changes in your life. Sometimes this will happen quickly, sometimes not. Because changes happen over time, I request a minimum three month commitment. Thereafter, coaching is renewed on a month by month basis. Please discuss this with me for other options.

Completing our relationship:  You will agree to a minimum of three months coaching together to insure maximum benefit of services. When you decide it is time to end our coaching relationship please give me 15 days advance notice to allow us time to capture your learning and to plan for what is next in your life.

Confidentiality: The coaching relationship is completely confidential.  I will not reveal the contents of the coaching session to anyone at any time.  I will not reveal the identity of any client without the explicit permission of the client.

Fees and schedule:  Sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and are in person in my office or by phone or Skype.  For optimal time management and situations which require immediate action ninety minute appointments are available. The first appointment requires extra time and may take ninety minutes or longer and charges will be based accordingly. I work with couples often and fees are adjusted for working with two.  Fees are due on a per visit basis unless other arrangements are made and exact fees will be discussed prior to our session.

In-between sessions: Call, email or text between our scheduled sessions if you need a sounding board, have a problem, or want to share a success with me. It would be a privilege to do so.  I do not charge for this and so ask you to keep it to 5 or 10 minutes otherwise you can schedule a phone session.  If I am not immediately available I will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Rescheduling: Life and stuff will sometimes get in the way and you or I will have to reschedule. Please call, text or email me 24 hours in advance to reschedule for the same week and I will extend the same courtesy myself.  If you miss a call we will try to make it up in the same week or have extra time during another session. Please do know that a missed call or session is considered a paid appointment.

Homework: For you to reap the benefits of coaching I assign homework often and I will hold you accountable for the homework commitments you have made.  Please have your assigned homework to each session for further discussion.  For the full benefit please set aside our coaching time together when by phone in a private, uninterrupted, quiet area so we are free to discuss your life without restraint.

Take this Complimentary “Life Balance Quiz” to see how Balanced Your Life is and if Life Coaching is something that would benefit you.

Call or email me today to see if working together is right for you.  I would love to walk with you on this Journey.
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With Love and Blessings, 

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PS if you desire to work together and finances are a concern I take credit cards, PayPal extended pay and will always find a way that we can work together.