The Hypno Reiki Session

The Hypno-Reiki™ Session Explained

Hypno Reiki SessionTo practice healing modality of Hypno-Reiki™, the Reiki practitioner must have an advanced degree in Reiki, preferably be a Reiki Masters.

The number of sessions and duration of each session, required to treat a particular condition may vary depending on the patient and the issue.

As a Hypno-Reiki™ practitioner I apply both the therapies of Reiki and Hypnosis at the same time during a session. First a patient is encouraged to practice some gentle breathing techniques, then gentle Reiki energy is applied to encourage your mind and body to being to relax and then hypnosis is conducted because in hypnotic state patient is able to receive positive insinuations and imaginations which serve as an initial step towards positive changes. This stage is perfect to implement other therapeutic treatments like Reiki in this case.

During the Hypno-Reiki™ session I will continue to offer you Reiki to allow your body to heal and balance your energy from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet while giving you gentle suggestions for relaxation, wellbeing etc. The session often is dependent on your desire for a session and how open you are to receive the benefits of Hypno-Reiki™.

During the course of Hypno-Reiki™ session, a practitioner simultaneously works on both healing modalities, Hypnosis and Reiki. Focusing on Reiki energy flow through the patient’s body to communicate to patient’s higher self. Involved in verbal communication with the patient which is a characteristic element of standard hypnosis therapy.

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Sherri Hughes